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The Last White Star Lifeboat

Visit SS Nomadic on Saturday 9th April between 12 - 4pm for your chance to see the last remaining White Star Lifeboat!

Two lifeboats belonging to SS Nomadic were built by Harland & Wolff and fitted on the flying bridge deck. They would remain on-board Nomadic during her working life, including both World Wars where Nomadic served as a mine sweeper and troopship, until 1974 when they were removed for space as Nomadic was being converted into a restaurant in Paris.

In 1987 a museum offered to conserve the lifeboats and they returned to Cherbourg. The museum was unable to restore them and lifeboat No.1 was destroyed leaving No.2 as the last confirmed White Star lifeboat.

Over time the lifeboat degraded to a sorry state, with the hull collapsing into itself and keel detached, until 2007 when Nomadic Preservation Society was able to purchase the lifeboat returning it to Belfast and starting a fundraising campaign for it's restoration.

A cradle was created so the boat could be supported as the timbers were eased back into their original position with new ribs to secure the planking and a new keel inserted as the original was no longer able to support the hull. Anything that could be conserved was, and what couldn't was sympathetically replaced.

The lifeboat will be open to view on Saturday at Hamilton Dock and will be located in line with the Nomadic’s funnel - making it also roughly in line with where it sat on Nomadic’s deck for 60 years!

Come along and see this amazing piece of maritime history - book your Titanic and SS Nomadic Experience tickets now!