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My Grandad from America visited us in July 1958 and crossed the Western Ocean on the Queen Elisabeth (first class). My parents (and I, about 4 years old) picked him up in Cherbourg. I guess he was transferred from QE to Cherbourg Harbor on the Nomadic. I do not know how he returned to the US.


I visited Belfast in April 2015 and was very much impressed by the superb restoration of the Nomadic and also, by all the other exhibitions concerningTitanic (ie. Olympic Class). It was very emotional for me , to walk on the same decks, that my Granddad may have walked on in 1958.


Thomas McCord


P.S. My Dad travelled to Japan in 1948 on the USAT SS Republic (ex Servian, built 1903 by Harland and Wolff. Originally, McCords were from Ballymena County and from Scotland.