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Nomadic Charitable Trust

Nomadic Charitable Trust

Nomadic Charitable Trust
In 2005, a campaign to “save the Nomadic” and bring her back to Belfast was launched by local enthusiasts, who became aware that this authentic piece of Belfast and Titanic maritime heritage was at risk of being lost forever.

The campaign was successful and in January 2006, the Department for Social Development purchased the Nomadic for €250,001 at auction. After a round trip of 95 years, crowds lined the shoreline to see the Nomadic returned home to Belfast in July of that year.

The Department for Social Development set up a voluntary charitable trust in December 2006, to take ownership of the vessel and oversee her conservation and restoration.

Since then the key aim of the Trust has been:

To restore the SS Nomadic and to make her accessible to the public, to ensure she can play a key role in the on-going celebration of the Titanic, ensure a lasting legacy to celebrate our maritime and industrial heritage and as a catalyst for tourism, social and economic development.

The key objectives of the Trust are:

  1. To operate the Nomadic and Hamilton Dock project as a unique, exciting and high quality heritage attraction and shared space;
  2. To encourage and ensure high levels of public participation and educational activities both on board and within the local communities in line with targets for visitor numbers and participation in project activities;
  3. To champion and promote the importance and wider impact of the project and our wider industrial and maritime heritage to maximise the project’s public good; and
  4. To operate a highly efficient, effective and sustainable heritage attraction and shared space to ensure it meets the needs of its users and will become a prized cultural icon for current and future generations to enjoy.

The Trust is made up of 12 trustees including key stakeholders, historians, maritime experts and enthusiasts. Since 2006, the Trust and their advisers have worked tirelessly to achieve this aim and are delighted that in 2013 their vision has been realised as the SS Nomadic and Hamilton Dock project opens to the public as a visitor attraction and educational space.

The Nomadic Charitable Trust members are:

  • Denis Rooney CBE; 
  • Trevor Anderson;
  • Ronan Corrigan; 
  • David Livingstone;
  • John Moore;
  • Gerry McAlinden;
  • Duncan McCausland OBE;
  • Sean Neeson; 
  • Kathleen Neill; 
  • Bryan Patterson;
  • Roy Snowden
  • David Young; and
  • Representatives of Belfast City Council. 

The Nomadic Charitable Trust would like to thank all of those who have supported and worked with them in order to bring this ambitious and historic project to life.

More information on the funder, partners and contractors that have been involved in the restoration can be found here.


Very moving to walk in the footsteps of those who perished on the Titanic.
Claudy visitor